Hunt Yachts

Yachting Solutions introduced the Hunt Yachts brand to Maine over a decade ago and continues to remain the sole supplier of these remarkable vessels.  We sell, service, and support our clients from the New Hampshire border all the way Down East.  Come the fall season, nearly every Hunt manufactured boat in the state returns to Yachting Solutions for exceptional care because our business model is simple: ongoing customer relationships.  Not only has Yachting Solutions been a servicing dealer for all major machinery and equipment on Hunt Yachts for the past 12 years, we also provide a storage relationship after the sale to ensure our clients are receiving the ultimate in value.  Our programs and services are critical to maintaining resale condition and value, while safeguarding the vessels seasonal reliability. Each year we provide new client services designed to extend your boating season because we know that time is short and time with your boat is even shorter.