Headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island, Vanquish brings you time-tested classic designs, the pride of generational craftsmen and the advantage of today's exciting new materials and technologies. Their direct drive inboard models are offered in either gas or diesel power and our hull is equipped with a unique propeller and shaft pocket which provides a very modest 22-inch draft. The outboard models offer exceptional performance with best-in-class fuel economy. Either power package provides a balanced feel and an exceptionally smooth ride, a trademark characteristic of a Vanquish.

Model Lists
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  • 21 Center Console
    21 Center Console
  • 23 Center Console
    23 Center Console
  • 23 Cuddy
    23 Cuddy
  • 24 Center Console
    24 Center Console
  • 24 Runabout
    24 Runabout
  • 26 Dual Console
    26 Dual Console
  • 26 Center Console
    26 Center Console
  • 26 DCE
    26 DCE
  • 26 Runabout
    26 Runabout